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Re: How to relocate LVM pv to make room for grub install

Le 02/01/2018 à 00:56, Tom Dial a écrit :

Which is the boot disk ?


Then you didn't need to make room for GRUB on /dev/sdb.

So maybe the right plan is

This is one of the many possible plans.

0. make a grub-rescue CD just in case of need
1. restore the old (jessie) /boot/grub/*
2. shut down, move the remaining partitions with gparted

Actually only /dev/sda1, which must not be in used, i.e. no LV having extents in it must be active.

3. reboot using the old grub, kernel, initrd, etc.
4. restore the new (stretch) /boot/grub/*

No need to restore the new /boot/grub/*, grub-install will recreate it.

5. run grub-install to install the new grub
6. reboot and finish the stretch upgrade.

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