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Re: Mixing and Matching DHCP and static IPs

Le 25/12/2017 à 16:23, Mark Fletcher a écrit :

There's no way to describe this with all the relevant info in a short

Yes there is a way. You really talk too much.

so I'll try instead to make this as entertaining a read as I can.

You failed. Ther result is just long and boring.

the internal-facing firewall
interface is (static, works), the DHCP server I set up on
the firewall gives out to the AirStation (works), and I have
configured the PI to use (static, partly works). So inside
AirStation LAN is, outside AirStation LAN is, .2 and .3 -- note the third octet difference for internal
and external.
Once I introduce the PI, (by plugging it into the switch, in case that
isn't obvious) I find I cannot reach it (by ping or by SSH) from inside
the LAN of my AirStation. For example, from my main Stretch desktop, I
cannot ping or SSH to the PI at

What happens when you try ?

If I SSH into the firewall, and then try to SSH from _there_ to, I can connect no problem. And I log in to the PI to find it
bright eyed and bushy tailed, and able to connect to the internet (which
it must do through the firewall just as all traffic from the AirStation
does). But if I can't see it from the LAN, I can't use it for the
purpose I spent the last week of my life building it for... :(

What is the netmask configured on the Pi ? Can you show the full routing table on the Pi ? What are the subnet and netmask advertised by the DHCP server running on the firewall ? Can you display the full routing table of the Airstation, including routes on the WAN interface ?

Did you run a packet sniffer on the firewall and the Pi to look what's going on ?

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