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Re: Can somebody explain the benefits of .d directories

On Mon, 27 Nov 2017, Hans-Peter wrote:

> Hi everyone,

How's it going?

> I am a tech writer, as part of my job I also have to maintain a number of 
> servers, various UNIX systems. Yes, I am a dev as well ....
> Some admins where I work are happy to rename the files in the ".d" directory to 
their liking ...a silly and futile attempt to stop me from pruning the repos the 
servers use ...hmmmm

Not sure what you want to do, how many admins does it take to admin? If 
they are doing a bad job, you should try to get them fired.  It sounds 
like they are on top of things, though?

It was a good post, I agreed with the first reply, but I would make the 
explanation simpler: "Using .d folders is cool!"

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