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Re: 9.2 DNS Confusion

Le 26/11/2017 à 16:17, Simon Slaytor a écrit :

Gai.conf, didn't suggest this did disable IPv6 I just replied to a suggestion by another.

I did not say you suggested this. I replied below Dan's Ritter quote, meaning that I replied to it and to him, not you. Juste as I am now replying the the above quote. This is called interleaved quoting.

I've used various ways to disable IPv6 the GRUB amendment you mention is one, resolver issue appeared to still exist for me but I will check.

Adding ipv6.disable=1 to the kernel command line should prevent the resolver to send DNS queries for AAAA records. I just tested it. Check that the parameter is properly applied, both in /proc/cmdline and /sys/module/ipv6/parameters/disable.

Did you also try the resolv.conf tricks I also suggested ? If one works, it would be less invasive than disabling IPv6. However if your resolv.conf is dynamically created by dhclient or NetworkManager, you may need the help of resolvconf to make the setting persistent.

Forcing IPv4 is all well and good but not a workable solution on an app by app basis

Right. I suspected that ping was not the only affected program.

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