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Re: dh-python:amd64

Sven Joachim wrote:
On 2017-11-25 21:39 -0500, Marc Auslander wrote:

I am running Jessie x86 with amd64 as a foreign architecture.

I want to replace python3 with python3:amd64

Do you intend to crossgrade your whole system to amd64, or why do you
want to do that?

but I get a dependency on
dh-python:amd64 which is not satisfied.  dh-python is marked as all
architectures and is installed.  So it appears that dh-python all
architectures is not being seen as satisfying dh-python:amd64.

This is correct.  A package, even an arch-independent one as dh-python,
only fulfills dependencies of foreign arch packages if it is marked as
"Multi-Arch: foreign".

Any ideas?

You could rebuild dh-python with the Multi-Arch field added.  In fact,
the field had been added in version 1.20141111-1, but was backed out in
1.20141111-2 at the request of the release managers.  It has been
re-added after the Jessie release.

You will almost certainly run into unsatisfied dependencies while
crossgrading python3, good luck in resolving them.


thanks. My situation is historical - this is a very old debian which has been upgraded for many years. I have tried to avoid the pain of a clean install and the attendant reconfigure and possibly lost facilities. For example, I prefer running emacs-22 since the gtk fonts don't work as well on my system. maybe it's time. sigh.

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