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Re: Any Sound Card Recommendations?

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 09:42:01AM -0500, Thomas George wrote:
> I bought an Asus Xonar DSX expecting it to work with my Debian Stretch
> system, there was a recommendation on the Internet from someone using Mint
> who said it worked right out of the box. Mine didn't.
> I would like a really good sound card for my system and don't want to make
> the same mistake twice.
> Any recommendations?

What does "really good" mean to you?
Please tell us more about your requirements, such as:

* usage scenario (music listening, recording, games, home theatre, ...)
* PC-side interface (PCIe, USB)
* number of audio channels in/out needed and their signal type
  (microphone, phono, line, headphones, digital interfaces)
* sample frequency / bit depth
* signal processing on the soundcard (MIDI to PCM, Dolby whatever, ...)
  if needed at all

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