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Re: How to enable Plymouth ?

Are you sure that you correctly followed all the steps from the wiki?

Could you also include your DMESG log, so we can see if plymouth throws
anything at boot?

Keep in mind that plymouth is loaded during the initramfs phase.

On 11/20/2017 04:38 PM, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm trying to enable and make Plymouth working on Debian 8.9.
> I've followed the steps describe on the Debian wiki here :
> https://wiki.debian.org/plymouth
> I've added "splash" to the kernel parameters and enable vt_handof and
> gfxplayload.
> This procedure works well on Debian Stretch but I'm not able to make
> it to work on Jessie. I'm using the Kernel from backports (4.9).
> Does anyone of you have an idea on how to make Plymouth to work on
> Jessie ?
> Best regards.

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