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Re: Cannot connect to WiFi.

On 11/15/17 2:48 PM, Juan R. de Silva wrote:
Hi folks,

My ISP replaced my old modem with the new one. I changed my WiFi 
Authentication key and the name of the WiFi network. Then I made Network 
Manager to "forget" my old WiFi. Network Manager finds my new WiFi but I 
cannot connect to it.

When "Authentication Key is required" dialog pops up and the key is 
entered,j Connect button remains grayed out/disabled. Thus there is no 
way to get through but pressing Cancel button. 

I'm running Debian Stretch.

Could somebody help. It's quite urgent now.


I had a similar problem with a new wifi router.  Under KDE I set the network manager settings dialog to set up a wifi connection including a password for WAP2.  It wouldn't connect.  You can view the password in NM and it looked correct ... I checked several times but no luck.  I wiped out the password by holding down the backspace key and I noticed I might have entered a leading space by mistake.  So try to put the password in the network manager settings dialog paying close attention to what you entered.  If that fails go back to the router and re-enter the password again just in case you have some invisible characters there.  This might also happen with the SSID.  If all else fails I would set the SSID to something simple (say 3 characters) and the same for the password just for a test to see if you can connect.  Also make sure the WPA2 is set to AES encryption.  This is the recommended setting and I know it works with my NM in debian testing.



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