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Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) viewer and/or file format

I have some DFTs that i wish to inspect.  (Apparently DFT is a common
acronym, but here i mean Discrete Fourier Transform.  And properly
speaking it doesn't make sense to inspect a transform, but only to
inspect transformed data, but i'm speaking colloquially.)

DFTs are a common artifact in digital signal processing.  Lots of
Debian packages are focused on FFTs (Fast Fourier Transforms, a way of
computing DFTs).  Nevertheless i couldn't find either a standard file
format to store one, or software specifically for viewing DFTs.

Of course, lots of software can take data, then transform it, then
display the transform that it created, but i would like something that
can take an already created DFT in some standard format, then display

TIA for any information or pointers or advice from anybody! :)


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