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Re: Compatible laptops

On Sat, Nov 11, 2017 at 07:21:38PM -0500, Maureen L Thomas wrote:
> I do know that this list is for real problems but I am looking to get a new
> laptop, 17 inch preferable or an all in one computer.  The problem is I have
> only used Toshiba laptops and have had no problems with them.  I do not know
> if an all in one would be a good choice for debian.  I do not need a game
> playing machine.  If there is a list where this request is more appropriate
> please head me in the right direction.

HP and Dell both sell quite a few laptops with either Linux installed or
on the list of "officially" supported operating systems.

That said, if you want to support a company that is a very active
supporter of the Linux and OSS communities, then System 76 is a good bet
as well.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of these companies.



Roberto C. Sánchez

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