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Re: Iceweasel woes

Quoting deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com>:

RRRoy BBBean wrote:

Now, I have to temporarily enable between 20 and 200 domains every time
I do anything. I can't imagine what the www will be like in another 10

indeed it changed negatively in the past 10-15y. it is now virtually
impossible to find useful information - only thing helps that google adapts
to your behavior and can match what you would like to find ... but after
they change this and start controlling the output (like youtube did few
months ago), it will be over - we'll have to start from scratch ... perhaps
a new version of the dark net.

Who would have thought that when Big Brother finally arrived, it would be not the government, but Google? I boycott Google as much as possible. For a search engine I use DuckDuckGo (https://duckduckgo.com), which proudly proclaims that it doesn't track you. You can get satellite views from https://zoom.earth. And so on. And when I'm not surfing the web, my browser (Seamonkey, see a previous message) is shut down.

The Internet is like a big city - there are lots of bright lights and excitement, but also dark alleys down which the unwary get mugged.

charlie@buygenesis.com (Charlie Gibbs)

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