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Re: Debian Live USB fails; bricks the USB stick

Thomas Schmitt composed on 2017-11-08 00:44 (UTC+0100):

> Ken West wrote:

>> westk[@]goshen]:/home/westk:> sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd
>> dd: failed to open '/dev/sdd': Read-only file system 

Don't we know it was a GPT disk to start with? If no iso ever got a chance to
finish writing all the way out to end of disk, the backup/reserve/secondary
partitioning at end of disk would still report a "filesystem" exists, surely
conflicting with the start data written from the Debian 9.2.0 iso file.

> What the hell ... ?
> Why does dd talk of filesystems ? I'd understand if it said "Permission
> denied". The superuser isn't what he used to be.

> Googling brings no insight: If it was an SD card, the advice would be to
> blow air through the card reader.

> Is any filesystem on /dev/sdd* mounted ?
> If so: Does it help to unmount it before dd ?

Also, why are this/these stick(s) getting flip-flopped between sdd and sdc?
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