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Re: how to enable trim for an external encrypted SSD?

On 06.11.2017 18:28, Christian Seiler wrote:

You could ask the LUKS developers to include an additional flag in
their headers that allows you to specify that this volume should be
opened with discards allowed by default - to maybe solve this in the
very long term. No idea how amenable they'd be towards that though,
as they do discourage the usage of TRIM in LUKS because it weakens
possible security guarantees somewhat.


Thank you for an insightful answer.
Now I wonder, why would anyone want to use TRIM feature on a portable SSD, especially on an encrypted one?
Isn't this feature only increases drive wear, offering next to nothing as a benefit in return?
I don't use TRIM feature on my systems because of that, and hope for a firmware of modern SSD will manage everything automatically. Am I wrong?

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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