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Re: Fedora has a boot option that forces the installer to recognize a drive as GPT, can this be added to Ubiquity/Ubuntu?

Indo Neh wrote:

> There is a boot option in Fedora 'inst.gpt' which forces the Fedora 26
> Anaconda installer to recognize a drive as a GPT drive for the purposes of
> the Anaconda installer setting up the drive with a GPT partition table.
> https://rhinstaller.github.io/anaconda/boot-options.html#inst-gpt
> Could this somehow be added to Ubiquity as this option is useful for
> anyone who wants to set up a drive on a BIOS-based system as a GPT drive
> without having to manually partition the drive after manually setting it
> as GPT? It makes the automated drive setup (e.g. encrypted LVM setup) very
> easy and painless.

Please do not ask questions regarding ubuntu here. This is a debian user

Ask the questions regarding ubuntu on their list


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