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Re: Does Debian allow user upgrade system from LTS to the latest system directly?

Le duodi 12 brumaire, an CCXXVI, tomas@tuxteam.de a écrit :
> Consider this reply to your question: Your question is above, my
> reply is below. This is the customary way to do things in this
> mailing list.
> If the mail you are replying to is longer, you interleave your
> answers at the appropriate places of the original -- liberally
> snipping the original and only leaving what is needed to provide
> context.
> Instead, what you do is to include the whole original mail at
> the bottom: this is perceived as somewhat useless over here,
> because the original poster *has* a copy of the unabridged
> original.

I like to make a simile with TV series. Often, at the beginning of each
episode, you get a "previously on" segment with the relevant scenes of
the previous episodes, to help follow the plot.

With top-posting, instead, you would have the new episode #n
immediately, followed by "previously on" and a complete rerun of episode
#(n-1), including the rerun of episode #(n-2) that was at its end.


  Nicolas George

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