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Re: How do I stop system hangs?

On Thursday 02 November 2017 01:10:08 Borden Rhodes wrote:

> What kernel or other settings can I set to let me keep control of my
> computer during a runaway process? Basically, how do I tell Linux to
> keep just enough resources free so I can drop into a shell terminal
> and figure out what's going wrong?
> In context, this evening my computer hung for 30 minutes. The hard
> drive activity light went solid and it took about 10 minutes after
> hitting CTRL + ALT + F1 for a bash shell to appear. It didn't matter
> anyway, though, since the login process timed out if I attempted to
> log in.
> Unfortunately, there's a 30-minute gap in journalctl, so I can forget
> about figuring out what caused the hang or filing a bug report to the
> maintainers' satisfaction. Therefore, I'm more interested in keeping
> control of my computer in future.
> With thanks,

I haven't had that happen in ages.  But because linux is a time sharing 
system, capable of running hundreds of tasks, 168 ATM, the first thing I 
start after a reboot is a root session of htop. I use a multiple tab 
shell on workspace 1, out of ten, with a tail -fn50 on the system log on 
the 2nd tab and a few tails on other background activities on more tabs 
of that shell. That way I can have a pretty close to realtime view of 
whats going on. And it doesn't normally have a huge lag in calling up 
that workspace and shell tab to see htop. Why a root session?  Easy, so 
it has the rights to kill an errant process.

I guess you could call it a philosophy to keep control of my machines.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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