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Re: buster ssh problem

On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 7:58 PM, Greg Wooledge <wooledg@eeg.ccf.org> wrote:

> The directives that work in ~/.ssh/config also work in /etc/ssh/ssh_config
> and this includes the Host matching stuff.
> As it says in the man page,
>      ~/.ssh/config
>      /etc/ssh/ssh_config
> Since you only want to use the inferior ciphers when connecting to one
> specific host, you can put a Host stanza in /etc/ssh/ssh_config
> to change the Ciphers for just that host.

Like I said man ssh_config is on the reading list :-)

I was wondering if there wasn't some way to use that cipher for just
the one place. Thanks for the man page preview.

Don told me about Host a while back (yesterday?), but I really didn't
understand what he was talking about at the time.

Glenn English

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