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Re: new ssd in dell optiplex 745, won't even load grub

On Saturday 28 October 2017 14:43:12 deloptes wrote:

> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > But pull the 2TB, and plug its cables into the SSD, and grub is not
> > loading.
> >
> > What did I miss?
> In such case I boot from ubuntu usb and do
> mount /dev/sdaX /mnt
> mount /dev/sdaY /mnt/boot
> mount -B /proc /mnt/proc
> mount -B /sys /mnt/sys
> mount -B /dev /mnt/dev
> chroot /mnt
> grub-install /dev/sda

Don't have a buntu on a usb, so...
How about a normal boot to the 2TB drive, then

mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt
mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/boot
mount -B /proc /mnt/proc
mount -B /sys /mnt/sys
mount -B /dev /mnt/dev

chroot /mnt

grub-install /dev/sdb

> where sdaX is your root and sdaY is your boot (if you have such, else
> ommit)
> I hope this helps
Between this, and Roberto's post, I think I'll get it, thanks

> regards
> PS: Also check bios if it points to boot from the SSD - some optiplex
> are picky

As I'm finding out, first bios I ever saw with enable/disable by the sata 
socket options.  It errors and locks up if a sata socket is enabled, but 
no drive attached.  So I've hit the f2 key quite a few times so far this 
afternoon. :(

It also does not say anything about ssd's in the boot sequence bios menu.

Bios is 2.3.1, I wonder if a newer one might still be available?

> Perhaps do this first

Thanks Deloptes.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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