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Re: Can imagemagick really be safely purged or removed?

On 20/10/17 05:00, Celejar wrote:
> The description of the imagemagick package (8:
> on my Stable system includes the statements:
> "This is a dummy package.  You can safely purge or remove it."
> But trying to remove it rips out cups, because:
> ~$ aptitude why imagemagick
> i   cups         Depends cups-filters (>= 1.0.24-3~)
> i A cups-filters Depends imagemagick (>= 6.4~)
> What gives?

imagemagick can only be removed when nothing depends on it.
imagemagick-6.q16 has been marked as replacing imagemagick, so most packages
which depend on imagemagick will automatically use imagemagick-6.q16.
However some packages, including cups-filters, depend on particular versions
of imagemagick and the automatic replacement doesn't appear to work in this

You will only be able to remove imagemagick when cups-filters' dependencies
are updated or imagemagick-6.q16 finds a better way of declaring that it
provides imagemagick.

The :386 packages are irrelevant and only need installing in very specific


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