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Thinkpad X220 working suspiciously well (except some stuff, like webcam, bluetooth, phonecalls, jack buttons…) (Re: thinkpad mute button not working since upgrade to stretch)

I don’t have tpb installed, and got a thinkpad X220 (really nice btw,
fingerprint reader, mobile 3G+sms+calls working out of the box and stuff
(sad there’s no IrDA…)) on which I installed debian stable (that is 9.2
currently), and the mute button (and its ability to switch on its led
when my system is muted, including when I do it from software) works
perfectly (same for the microphone mute button and its led too), even
when resuming from suspend to ram, with screen lock activated, and mpv
playing stuff… that is: couldn’t reproduce.

Have some friend with Thinkpad X60 who strangely didn’t got all the nice
stuff I have now under XFCE/KDE when upgrading to 9.2: why upgrading
instead of reinstalling always ends up with such problems? isn’t there
some way to stop that behavior (like automatic “purge” instead of
“remove” when upgrading packages?)?

Btw what package/program does manage these buttons? I suppose the event
comes from the normal keyboard events, but what does control the led?
what does save the state of it? Why does it work without tpb? What is
tpb for if it works out of the box? Why doesn’t it install itself on
thinkpads when debian installs? Why should we guess/know already that
this package exist and we should theorically install it on thinkpad in
order to make them work?

So yet ThinkVantage button is recognized by xev (as XF86Launch1, but it
seems to do nothing by default), the button for ThinkLight works
correctly, same thing for luminosity and sound +/- (which is recognized
by KDE and display its progress bar (how is it called this bar you see
when you change these settings?), caps lock (and its led), num lock (yet
there seem to be no led for it on this laptop), and all the Fn buttons :
screen lock, “battery” is recognized although it seems to do nothing
under KDE (what is it supposed to do?), suspend, toggle WLAN, webcam
(recognized but does nothing, I think I have no webcam recognized…
normally it has one right?  with free driver?), “external display”,
“disable trackpad” (wait! how do you re-enable it?! …except by reboot I
mean), suspend to disk/hibernate, and the multimedia buttons of the
arrow keys.

There’s still bluetooth which when used always switch on/off (hardware
fault?), seemingly unrecognized/inexistant webcam, that battery fn
button I ignore the purpose, this really really low-precision trackpad
(it “jumps” over several pixel for any small enough movement that’s
really ugly so I never use it while it’s really comfortable and quick
and precise with multitouch), I don’t know if I can make and hear/talk
through audio call with my sierra usb gsm modem (is that possible? for
now I can make phones ring, and check if I’m called, and hang up, and
also “accept” but the correspondant don’t hear anything), the combined
micro+headphone port doesn’t seem to support buttons (like for “accept
call/prev/next/pause”), oh, and the worst, that ethernet port can’t get
an ethernet cable clipsed in! if it moves a bit, bam, disconnected (had
that with my precedent thinkpad though)!

Oh also wifi doesn’t work of course because of Intel, so once it will be
supported by libreboot, when it will be installed or when I’ll have to
open it I will change the wifi card for one of those atheros wifi pci
card that still need manual installation of the free firmware (ath9k
afaik, or ath10k forgot) under debian because it’s packaged altogether
with non-free atheros firmware (any advice for cheap (some dollars) wifi
pci cards of good quality with free firmware supported by debian? have
some AR9271)

Oh maybe I should really split that in some separate mails with relevant
subject to the list… althought maybe too much hardware questions… maybe
outsubject… maybe too much issues for those it is normal not to have any
solution currently…

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