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Cannot copy files from usb source

I have a weird problem with my laptop and external HDD or usb sticks.

I cannot copy files from my laptop (with SSD formated in ext4) to my
external HDD (formated also in ext4). I have an input/outpur error. The
transfert starts but at very very slow rate and then I have the error. I
tried different usb ports. The problem is also present with usb sticks
formated in fat32. I cannot write to my SSD from any usb source.

I can do the opposite, i.e. transfert files from my laptop to my
external HDD (or other usb connected devices) with no problem.

Maybe related: on the same laptop, I have another problem when I
download files from my local network using WiFi. The transfert is
extremely slow and the rate change constantly. If I connect my laptop
through ethernet, I don't have any issue. I suspected some problem with
my SSD but the ethernet transfer is very fast and constant.

Do you have any idea about the problem(s)?


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