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Re: Firefox_entries

Your questions are not associated with Debian in any way.

You should ask it on Mozilla forums and you will find more people there who are willing to help and has more information about Firefox.

On 19.10.2017 15:43, malakit@elude.in wrote:
Firefox_About:config entries

i have not an user.js file.
- do you know a script for extracting all my [user set only] settings ?

pref : user_pref(“xxxxxxxxxx”, string);
- could someone tell me which syntax is correct ?

a)   user_pref(“xxxxxxxxxx”, "");
b)   user_pref(“xxxxxxxxxx”, " ");

pref :

a) does this line set my search settings (default) ?
b) does this line set my browser.startup.homepage (default)?
c) could i add it several (xxx, xxx, xxx, e.g.) & is it recommended to do
it ?

* i do not want use an add-on/plugin for my settings.
* firefox does not provide an anonymity/privacy gui_mode.

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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