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Re: systemd process(es) consuming CPU when laptop lid closed

On 10/16/17 11:13, Glen B wrote:
Does anyone think this deserves a bug report
 or am I misunderstanding something here?

Yes. Do the bug report, so that somebody, somewhere, sometime might develop a test for the problem, run the test, and fix the problem in future systemd, X.org, Debian, whatever releases.

I also have a laptop, redirect the video to an external monitor, and close the lid. I believe it has the same problem as you have reported. But, when I SSH in from another machine to run top, the problem goes away. So, I'll have to write a cron job that runs top once a minute and dumps the output to a timestamped file if I want more information.

However, one CPU in my laptop goes to 100% whenever I lock the screen. That I could see via SSH and top:



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