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Re: ugly fonts in thunderbird after sid upgrade

On 2017-10-17 at 11:29, Pétùr wrote:

> Le 17/10/2017 à 05:00, Ben Caradoc-Davies a écrit :
>> I am using Xfce on sid and do not see any font corruption in
>> thunderbird. What are your desktop font settings?
>> I am using Liberation Sans for desktop and GUI, full hinting, and in
>> /etc/environment I have:
>> "
> Thanks for the answer,
> I using "Sans" font family for xfce and sans-serif for thunderbird.
> Changing to Liberation Sans does not change the
> problem (the same for the hinting setting). I have nothing in
> /etc/environment and if I copy/paste what you have, it does not fix the bug.

The /etc/environment setting only specifies the default environment; in
order to make it take effect, you'd have to reboot.

To check without rebooting, try running

FREETYPE_PROPERTIES=truetype:interpreter-version=35 thunderbird

from a terminal (assuming 'thunderbird' is the name of the executable in
your PATH which launches the program).

   The Wanderer

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