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Re: Troubles getting debian to run


Les C. wrote:
> I downloaded the 3 dvd .iso files for the i386.

That's usual if you expect not to have an internet connection of decent
speed after the core of Debian booted up.

If you have a desktop PC connected by cable to the internet, then you will
probably only need the DVD-1 ISO image. For a laptop with wireless internet
connection it is often necessary to get an ISO with "non-free firmware".

> after reading the website, i noticed a section that stated that you could
> just just copy the iso file to the stick so formatted the stick

Onto the raw stick device, not into a filesystem on stick.
Only one ISO per stick is possible that way.

If you only have MS-Windows computers in reach, see at the end of the
paragraph the advice to use
Another suitable tool would be "Rufus" in its "DD" image mode (in contrast
to its "ISO" image mode).

> 32gig usb stick

If you really need all 3 DVDs (and more) on one 32 GB USB stick, then
consider to use the first Blu-ray sized ISO at
instead of DVD-1.
Don't get discouraged by the small file sizes there. It will grow to
23 GB. The bulk of data will come as single software packages from
Debian download servers.

You will need to get for your current operating system a download tool
named "jigdo-lite" from
and follow the instructions of

Have a nice day :)


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