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Re: removing of sddm (debian 9 -kde5) to start in console mode then startx to start kde5

thank you very much alexander I will try this.

Le Mardi 17 octobre 2017 14h11, Alexander V. Makartsev <avbetev@gmail.com> a écrit :

Assuming you have systemd, you have to change final target from graphical to multi-user.
This shows possible targets:
    $ sudo systemctl list-units --type=target

This will show what target is default:
    $ sudo systemctl get-default

This will set default target to "console mode" you want:
    $ sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target

This will redo the changes if you ever will want to start DE by default:
    $ sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target

You have to reboot to apply changes.

On 17.10.2017 16:59, Stephane L wrote:
Hi I have tried to remove sddm from /etc/init.d but it starts always with sddm.I want to boot my debian 9 in console mode and do startx to launch kde5 as I do with debian 8 and kde4.does anyone know exactly how to do that ?

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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