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Issues after upgrade from jessie to stretch

Since I did the upgrade from jessie to stretch I have a few issues. They both relate to services that start before services on which they rely upon are not available yet.

I have iscsi that uses a LUN from a SAN. This LUN is used by LVM. On 1 LV there are the files for PostgreSQL. When PostgreSQL starts the LV is not yet available and PostgreSQL does not start. Same for 2 other LVs (for TomEE and Sonar).

I use autofs to automount NFS shares. The configuration is stored in LDAP that runs on the same server. Autofs starts when slapd is starting up. As a result there is nothing to automount.

I use cron as a (ugly) solution: @reboot /bin/sleep 60; /bin/systemctl restart autofs; /bin/systemctl restart postgresql

Since I created the systemd scripts for Sonar and Tomee 'myself' I added 'Requires=postgresql.service' to the [Unit] section of both scripts. For postgres and autofs I used 'systemctl edit' with '[Unit]' and 'Required=open-iscsi.service' or 'Required.slapd.service'. This did not solve my issues.

Before on jessie it ran without a problem. How can I fix/debug these issues?

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