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What happened to libreoffice-common in archive?

How can the following be possible?

Note that I have not changed the mirror, and "apt update" does not
give any error.

cventin:~> apt-show-versions -a libreoffice-common
libreoffice-common:all 1:5.4.2-1 install ok installed
libreoffice-common:all 1:5.2.7-1 stable  ftp.fr.debian.org
No stable-updates version
libreoffice-common:all 1:5.4.1-1 testing ftp.fr.debian.org
No unstable version
No experimental version
libreoffice-common:all 1:5.4.2-1 newer than version in archive

Why "No unstable version" while


says "libreoffice-common (1:5.4.2-1)"?

Is this a bug with the mirror?

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