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Re: Trying to understand keymaps in virtual console.

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On Sat, Oct 07, 2017 at 10:49:41PM -0000, aprekates@openmailbox.org wrote:
> Trying to examine why i cant insert acute accent diacritic over greek  vowels i come upon the console-common package. 
> Trying to install it i get prompted:
> -Select keymap from arch-list   
>   // select one of the predefined keymaps specific for your architecture.
>    // (recommended for non usb keyboards)
> -Dont touch keymap
>    // Dont overwrite the keymap in /etc/console
>    // which is maintained manually with install keymap
> -Keep kernel keymap
>    // prevent from any keymap being loaded the next time system boots
> -Select keymap from full list
>    // list all predefined keymaps. Recommended when using
>    // cross architecture (often USB) keyboards
> So i wonder.. will that keymap mess with my X server or not?

As far as I understand, this package is specifically focused on the
boot time keymap and has nothing to do with X.

> How come that package was not installed ? Was my virtual console
> working with another keymap and if so then do i need console data?

Let me quote the package description:

  Description: basic infrastructure for text console configuration
    This package contains the install-keymap(8) utility, which is the
    recommended tool to specify a boot-time keymap to the system, as
    well as tools for internal use of keymap-providing packages.

So if you are happy with your default boot-time keymap, you don't need

If you just want to have a consistent setup between X and the text mode
Linux console, the package console-setup  is your friend.

- -- tomás
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