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Re: Many executables across Debian's archives share basenames

>> Now "import" is quite another kettle of fish: it's part of the
>> ImageMagick suite (not much to do with X, actually), which has the
>> (questionable) tradition of calling its things "display", "convert",
>> "identify", "compare"... or even "conjure"). Now ImageMagick is so
>> useful that people seem to tolerate it, but a prefix (e.g. "im-")
>> or a super-command ("im") would be more modern, yes.
> ImageMagick only gets away with it because of its age and ubiquity.
> It's grandfathered in.

How 'bout installing imagemagick executables into
a /usr/bin/im/ subdirectory?
This way, you can refer to it via `im/convert` but if you prefer to 
use the "grandfather" name, you can just add /usr/bin/im/ to your PATH.


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