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Re: text-mode : console : resolution : vga 80x25 : how to set?

Mayuresh Kathe composed on 2017-10-06 15:00 (UTC+0530):

> i tried my level best to do it, but have failed.
> i used 'dpkg-reconfigure console-setup' and followed the
> appropriate steps, but yet my console's screen resolution
> is way to high. not that it's a big problem, just an
> irritant, the text is usually too tiring to read.

> can i be helped?

A rather simpler method than Darac suggested is to make the vttys use a lower
density mode, accepting the default size 16 font. Include the mode you want on
the kernel cmdline, either directly in the kernel: e.g. video=1280x800@60 or
vga=normal, or indirectly using native Grub2 commands, according to the man page
using /etc/default/grub's GRUB_GFXMODE_LINUX= and/or GRUB_GFXMODE=.

If Plymouth is installed, purging it might also be of use.
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