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Re: USB camera;

From: Reco <recoverym4n@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2017 10:16:20 +0300
> Try (assuming that you have appropriate device permissions):
> mpv tv:// --tv-device=/dev/video0

peter@dalton:~$ mpv tv:// --tv-device=/dev/video0
Playing: tv://
[tv] Selected driver: v4l2
[tv]  name: Video 4 Linux 2 input
[tv] your device driver does not support VIDIOC_G_STD ioctl, VIDIOC_G_PARM was used instead.
[tv] Selected device: Microsoft® LifeCam NX-6000
[tv]  Capabilities:  video capture  read/write  streaming
[tv]  supported norms:
[tv]  inputs: 0 = Camera 1;
[tv]  Current input: 0
[tv]  Current format: MJPEG
[tv] ioctl set format failed: Input/output error
[tv] ioctl set mute failed: Invalid argument
[tv] 0 frames successfully processed, 0 frames dropped.
Failed to recognize file format.

Exiting... (Errors when loading file)

"Failed to recognize file format." is reminiscent of the problem with 
guvcview; but MJPEG is no exotic format.  A small idiosyncracy in the 
camera output is not recognized by the Linux softwares?  Most such 
bugs would have been fixed years ago.

Regards,                            ... Peter E.


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