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Re: youtube error msg & html5

On 12/09/17 23:53, Whit Hansell wrote:
It's Firefox ESR 52.3.0  (64 bit)
As to you tube, when I go to youtube (youtube.com) and click on any of the videos available a new page opens w. only a black video graphic.  No way to start it so I have found that if I refresh the pate a new page starts w. the various video graphics at the bottom of that same black video graphic but w. the message about the browser not suporting any of the video formats and with the message about html5.  I can't start the graphic using the start button in the graphic, nothing happens. I just picked one video from the youtube.com site and this is the url. It really doesn't matter which one I select...
I don't get it. Have been having this same problem about the first graphic not working for about a week but was able to get it sorking when the refresh page hit and I could hit the start graphic button in the video frame.  It no longer works....
Whit  Hansell

Whit, that URL works perfectly for me in firefox 55.0.3-1 amd64 on sid. The video is displayed with HTML5. Please try clearing your cache and saved site settings (preferences privacy section) and starting firefox in safe mode:

firefox --safe-mode

Do you have any extensions installed? Safe mode will disable them.

Kind regards,

Ben Caradoc-Davies <ben@transient.nz>
Transient Software Limited <http://transient.nz/>
New Zealand

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