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Re: This is weird (cross-posted to Tomcat and Debian Lists): Tomcat 8.5 is going to /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/ROOT

James H. H. Lampert wrote:

> Pete Helgren (on the Tomcat List) wrote:
>> Longshot....something in .profile of the user the Tomcat instance is
>> running under?
> Neither the "tomcat7" nor "tomcat8" users have .profile files.
> This is interesting. I got rid of the Tomcat 8.5 catalina.out files on
> both boxes (the one where everything works right, and the one where 8.5
> is getting 7's root context) and restarted them, and I got this at the
> tops of both catalina.out files:

> I'm still stumped. None of the configuration or log files I've looked in
> so far appear to have any references to anything in tomcat7.
> --

Start with the startup.sh script - what's in there ... perhaps diff with the
one that works

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