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Re: testing, upgrade of openssl libssl1.1 ( 1.1.0f-3 => 1.1.0f-4 )

Michael Grant wrote:
> I was surprised that this problem affected fairly recent MacOS and
> Windows Outlook users.  I was also surprised that not many people had
> reported this and as I continued to google around for this, I found
> only this chain of posts!  And this has been in the wild now for about
> 10 days.

  you are running Debian Testing/Unstable to see this
change, it won't be pushed to "stable" for a few years
(maybe, we'll see).

  my conversation with the getmail package maintainer
left it at "wontfix".  i have not yet filed a bug with
the openssl maintainer, i'm not sure i will bother.

  in the meantime i'll be stuck at compatible versions
of ssl and the lib and not able to test anything more


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