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Re: leaving the hibernate state

Sun 27 Aug 2017 às 19:55:16 (1503874516), pierre.frenkiel@gmail.com enviou:
> hi,
> I installed pm-hibernate on my laptop, and it seemed to work,
> i.e. I got a black screen 10 to 15 seconds after issuing the pm-hibernate
> command, but I was unable to wake-up the laptop.
> Looking on Internet I found tons of documentation about suspend and
> hibernate, but amazingly, not a single line about the way to leave these
> states. Of course, I tried almost all the keyboard keys, without success,
> and all I could do was to  hold down the power button, which gave the normal
> startup, with a "recovering journal".
> My laptop is a Lenovo ideapad 110, running Stretch
> Should I configure something to use pm-hibernate?
> I have in syslog lines like:
>     Hibernation image not present or could not be loaded.
> but I didn't find how to  fix that.(adding resume=/dev/disk/by-uuid/...
> in /etc/default/grub changed nothing)

Have you tried any of these tests?


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