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Re: RE : ... blah lbah blah ... spam


Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> - Debian's lists are very well spam-protected 

Not that well, given that this strange stuff gets through since
weeks although it could be easily recognized by the peculiar URL,
which you quoted, too.

>   - The one or two that get through, is incredibly low in volume!

No mail of this pattern gets through on any mailing list where i am
subscribed. It seems to be a unique annoyance here on debian-user.

>   - Actually responding to such spam emails, e.g. "stop", "what do
>         you mean?" etc etc,

The responses do not stem from list subscribers. It is quite clear that
most replies are boiler plate texts. Open question is whether there are
humans who press a Go-Away button on their smart phones or whether these
replies are part of the spam scheme.

After all, none of the alleged original mails went through the list.
We only see alleged replies.

Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:
> these episodes seem more prominent immediately following major releases

Interesting observation, indeed.
Stretch was announced june 17.
I became curious on juli 8. The oldest message i inspected in the archives
was of juli 4:
My mail of juli 8
received a few replies with various theories why this might happen.

Since yesterday the spam drizzle seems to increase again.

Have a nice day :)


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