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Re: caja as administrator

Op 06-08-17 om 01:34 schreef Dominic Knight:
I guess this is something I have done at this end but, although it
works fine as a normal user (right click and open new instance), when
trying to open any folder from Caja as administrator (right click on
folder in Caja, select open as administrator) I get the message:

"Please start Chromium as a normal user. If you need to run as root for
development, re-run with the - no-sandbox flag."

I wasn't aware of trying to run Chromium at all, it used to open a
separate instance of Caja with su privileges. Anyone else or something
I have done badly somewhere and forgotten about?

Debian Testing(Buster)
Mate 1.18.0
Caja 1.18.3

It's possible a mimeapps.list has the wrong entry for inode/directory. There are usually two or three copies of this file:

user's: ~/.config/mimeapps.list
system: /usr/share/applications/mimeapps.list
and possibly:
root's: /root/.config/mimeapps.list

The location of the user and root list may be different in other desktop environments (mine's Xfce 4.12, Debian testing).

When you run caja as user, your own copy takes precedence. Running as root, root's comes first (if it exists). Anything that isn't specified there, is looked up in the system list.

Make sure the inode/directory entry isn't messed up. If the entry in the system copy is correct and the wrong one is in root's copy, simply remove that.


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