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Re: Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 64-bit

On Fri, Aug 04, 2017 at 07:50:50AM -0500, Stephen Brandt wrote:
> I have a problem I'm trying to report but the report bug has directed me
> to you.  I don't know what package I'm reporting on.  Everything I've
> tried entering has been rejected.  I used the internet version to
> install Debian on my computer. I wanted to install Debian as a 2nd OS on
> my computer along with Ubuntu.  Unfortunately for me, I was half asleep
> while doing the install and guessing at the choices being offered. The
> problem I encountered was some of the instructions/choices were off the
> left hand side of the monitor and not visible.  I had to guess at what I
> was doing.  One of the consequences is the install overwrote my Ubuntu
> OS and I lost everything.  The other consequence is now I'm unable to
> boot from my dvd drive.  It seems that no matter what I try regarding
> changes to the BIOS before booting to try and boot from the dvd drive,
> the Debian OS overwrites my changes and forces booting from the Hard
> Drive.  I need help.

Sounds like you're in over your head.

1) Firstly, probably do an Ubuntu rescue install - there should be
	tutorials around on the net.

2) when you want to experiment, perhaps learn how to do so first in a
	VM (virtual machine) - virtualbox is reasonably gui-friendly

3) if you have a local lug/ user group, may be join that too when you
	have a spare evening

Good luck,

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