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Unable to change mouse acceleration and threshold in Stretch


I'm unable to change mouse acceleration and threshold in Stretch.

It does not depend on DE. There are no error appears. For example, in
KDE settings applies correctly, ~/.kde/share/config/kcminputrc creates
and contain properly values, but mouse behavior does not changes.
'xset m 3 1' also does not change anything.

It does not depend on:
- Stretch 9.0 or Stretch 9.1
- is it clean install or not
- mouse
- is it virtual machine with Jessie host or real system

Can I do something with this or should I create a bugreport?
If I should create a bugreport, what package should I specify?

P.S. Maybe another bug I've encountered associated with mouse bug
described above: in Dolphin mousewheel scrolls not the number of lines
specified in config but same amount of pixels.

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