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Re: Flash Player Problem

On 2017-08-03, Thomas George <lists@tomgeorge.info> wrote:
> An attempt to log in to the Bridgebase website fails.

Seems to work here (Wheezy, Firefox-esr).

> Login using firefox ESR results in an all blue screen. The firefox
> plugin shockwave flash is installed.

Background is indeed glaucous, but in the foreground I have the login
prompt (it all comes up in a separate pop-up window).

> My system is debian stretch using the LXDE desktop. I have also
> installed gnash, gnash-common, and browser-plugin-gnash in an attempt
> to solve this problem.
> Login using Chromium browser fails with note to install flash player
> BUT dpkg -s flash-player-ppapi reports installed ok.
> bridgebase is the only website that has this problem. I have contacted 
> their support
> and they suggest problem is changes in flash or in the browsers.
> Can you help?

I can't help. (Clear cookies and cache and allow pop-ups for the bridgebase

“Certitude is not the test of certainty.”
--Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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