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Re: determining which apps have entries in the applications menu in xfce

On Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 10:12:55PM -0700, Dan Hitt wrote:
I'm using a pretty vanilla debian 9 with xfce.

There's an Applications menu in the upper left which has lots and lots
of applications listed under multiple submenus.

There's a program that i have on my system whose name i cannot find in
the Applications menu.

However, that might just be because i conducted a defective search.

So i'm wondering if there's a systematic way to determine if the
program is in the menu.  (Presumably it is a matter of looking in
/usr/bin or something like that, although that cannot be the complete
solution as there are a few thousand programs in /usr/bin, and they
cannot all fit in the menu.  So i suspect there's a list somewhere . .
. )

TIA for any clues on this,

Just as an alternative solution, you might find the XFCE Whisker Menu
more user-friendly. Especially if you're used to the Windows 7-style
start menu.
If you install 'xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin', you can then right-click on a
panel, select "Add to Panel" and choose the Whisker Menu. Click the
button and you should see a panel with two panes - one side is a list of
applications, the other side is a tree of folders. All familiar so far.

At the bottom of the panel, though, is a search box. If you type a few
characters of the name of the application in there, you should see
matching entries display in the pane above.


For more information, please reread.

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