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Re: how to run a second copy of firefox in a separate address space with no connection to the first?

Am 30. Jul, 2017 schwätzte rpr // so:

On 30 July 2017 at 22:05, Curt <curty@free.fr> wrote:

I'm not quite following here. -no-remote allows you to run multiple
Firefox instances simultaneously (profile1 and profile2 at the same
time, let's say). However you cannot open external links in the
-no-remote instance (link in an email, for example--perhaps that's what
you mean by "do not want the links automatically opened to open in this

Curt, have a look at the following page that explains -no-remote and
other command line options in more detail:

Implies -new-instance. Hmm, might have to move to -no-remote.

As to keeping things completely separate, beware flash and other
applications that have per user cookies. Flash cookies, less known as local
share objects, are stored in ~/ rather than in


It's been a while since I audited to see what all cheats.

Using another account ( the sudo tip elsewhere ) or a container will give
better separation.

I like containers for my test or single-use environments because I can
easily move the container if I need it elsewhere. Destruction when no
longer needed is also complete.


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