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Re: DOSEMU DPMI unhandled exception 0e (it's back!)

>When I start DOSEMU and use any DOS program, I get "DPMI: Unhandled Exception 0e - Terminating Client" 

That is really bad news, are you sure it's all programs, and not just programs that use DPMI ?
If the problem is only DPMI enabled programs, you can probably solve it with some persistent effort.

>and then I'm told that the emulator is unstable and should be rebooted. Running any program after that causes DOSEMU to crash.

I've used dosemu for a long time, but not on stretch, so I can't test it right now.  It is tricky to setup, as most DOS environments always were.

>From what I recall, some programs will require vm.mmap_min_addr set to 0 in sysctl and
you should do your own research before using this, it seems to be a security risk on networked machines, or was at one point.  
Not sure of the current state of things re: mmap_min_addr 

Some older DOS programs have a plain 16 bit ver and a 32 bit DPMI ver, and some have a switch to turn off use of DPMI.  Some also
used an environment variable to limit or control the use of DPMI.  There's also a config option in dosemu.conf to set the base address.
# DPMI base address; default: auto
# If the default value fails, try 0x10000000

# $_dpmi_base = (auto)

>Identical trouble was reported in https://bugs.debian.org/797378

That bug showed pkzip as the culprit, not all dos programs?  

If it's the same bug, maybe you should follow the links and file your bug against the kernel instead of dosemu?

Good luck, and have fun.  Thanks for the heads up I will follow along in case I run into the same issues.

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