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Re: Superblock last write time is in the future.

On 03-07-2017 16:42, David Wright wrote:
The discussion is not about units, but about reference points.¹
The discussion also is not about reference points, but what is right to do.

I don't need UTC, many people around the world doesn't neither, leave UTC
for those who need it.

True; before the dawn of railways, everyone lived on local time.
It was working.

We can avoid a lot of mess with that.

I have no idea what the mess is that you're trying to avoid
by using local time.
I have no idea why they are forcing the use o UTC, local time was doing just fine. My TV doesn't use UTC, my router (OpenWRT) doesn't use UTC, my phone (Samsung S7 Edge) doesn't use UTC, it doesn't even has settings for UTC, my printer (Brother HL4150CDN) it doesn't use UTC.

Why create all this trouble?

All I'm trying to avoid is to prevent fsck from scanning my discs every single time I boot the computer and because some one removed /etc/adjtime from initramfs.

Em 3 de jul de 2017 12:03, "David Wright" <deblis@lionunicorn.co.uk>

The future could get complicated for people not running on UTC
if time offsets of a few seconds start to arise. AIUI timezones
as presently implemented can't handle that.

¹ personally, the most inconvenient thing about US units is
the chaotic paper size system as there's no real way round it.
The reason that _does_ involve the units is of course that the
physical paper sizes are derived _from_ the units.


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