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Debian Install Mirror Issue

Hello there everyone,

For the past 3 days I have been attempting to install Debian with the GNOME desktop environment onto my computer. Every attempt so far has ended in some kind of a mirror issue. 

I have been contacting people on the IRC #debian support channel, yet no one seems to be able to figure out the issue. At first, I had a bad installation with no packages on the USB. 

Now, when I get to the mirror stage of installation, the log seems to say that Debian runs wget debug commands and then sends back saying that the mirror is not compatible for this release. I have tried every single mirror for the US and none of them seem to want to work.

I do have a network connection, as I can use the ping command in the CTRL + ALT + F1 shell and get packets back. I was also told that it could be another bad installation, but I do not have access to another device that can make me a new bootable USB drive so making a new drive is not an option.

I am open to any suggestion on how to fix this. At the moment, it is frustrating to be trying to solve this issue for a total of 3 days and almost my entire weekend.


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