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Re: Wheezy: Firefox ESR update failed "half installed"--what do I do now?

On Mon, 19 Jun 2017 07:53:13 -0400 rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:

> Today, on Wheezy, I got a notification from apper that an update was
> available (as I fairly often get).  
> It was for firefox-esr, and, when I went to allow the update, I got a
> notice that libjsonpp0 (not sure the blurb included the pp0) also
> needed to be updated.
> For the first time (in probably 2+ years of using Wheezy, maybe much
> longer) (and subject to the vagaries of my selective and failing
> memory), the update failed.  A portion of the dpkg log is shown below.
> From the log, it seems some things are half installed.
> I have three questions:
>    * is my machine in trouble--I mean, if I shut down Firefox and try
> to restart it, will I have a problem?
>    * what is the best way to resolve the issue--perhaps wait a few
> days, don't (intentionally) shut down Firefox, and hope that a new
> update becomes available in a few days?
>    * I guess I should also ask: should I report this somewhere?
> <exerpt from the dpkg log--previous entry is from days earlier>
>  [snip]

On my Wheezy system, I got the notification after apt-get update that
firefox-esr was being "held back."  So, I didn't do an apt-get upgrade,
but dist-upgrade instead.  And the new firefox as well as libjs-whatever
were installed.  And all is well.


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