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[Stretch] startx: /bin/sh: 0: Can't open /usr/bin/X; xinit: unable to connect to X server: Connection refused

>From the release notes:
2.2.10. The Xorg server no longer requires root

    In the stretch version of Xorg, it is possible to run the Xorg
    server as a regular user rather than as root. This reduces the
    risk of privilege escalation via bugs in the X server. However,
    it has some requirements for working:

      * It needs logind and libpam-systemd.

      * The system needs to support Kernel Mode Setting (KMS).
        Therefore, it may not work in some virtualization
        environments (e.g. virtualbox) or if the kernel has no driver
        that supports your graphics card.

      * It needs to run on the virtual console it was started from.

      * Only the gdm3 display manager supports running X as a
        non-privileged user in stretch. Other display managers will
        always run X as root. Alternatively, you can also start X
        manually as a non-root user on a virtual terminal via startx.

When I try as ordinary user (on host big41), I get the subject message. Anyone
know how to get startx to work in Stretch, either on :0, :1 or :2, with or
without a greeter running (multi-user.targer vs. graphical.target)?
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