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Re: (OT) problem with unknown software

On 05/19/2017 05:34 PM, Glenn English wrote:
On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 10:37 PM, Jimmy Johnson
<field.engineer@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Glenn, have you looked at this using gparted, maybe you can get some info

Just looked. gparted says sdd exists and that it, and the other disks
on this machine, all look normal.

also is this partition/drive in fstab?

No, but the RAID it's part of is. And mdadm 'talks' about sdd all the time.

Does #blkid give you any info?


/dev/sdd1: UUID="ad23b327-e517-c291-0986-5a6ae6657163"
UUID_SUB="9cc1e462-4c63-07a7-9639-0752af2e8331" LABEL="sbox:1"
TYPE="linux_raid_member" PARTUUID="5aba7dbd-01"
/dev/sdc1: UUID="5907cd86-4996-91e7-6b9f-a5886737fa79"
UUID_SUB="74ca9ad5-d121-9297-238d-b432d21dcdfb" LABEL="sbox:0"
TYPE="linux_raid_member" PARTUUID="000867dd-01"
/dev/sda1: UUID="5907cd86-4996-91e7-6b9f-a5886737fa79"
UUID_SUB="5e039aa8-ca45-601a-f9ba-db17d5044b98" LABEL="sbox:0"
TYPE="linux_raid_member" PARTUUID="00028438-01"
/dev/sdb1: UUID="ad23b327-e517-c291-0986-5a6ae6657163"
UUID_SUB="0b4063d8-2ab4-577b-a2cd-dc6705132a60" LABEL="sbox:1"
TYPE="linux_raid_member" PARTUUID="b57dbdf8-01"
/dev/md0: LABEL="500G" UUID="55bd0602-9f5a-4110-909b-b2296d355819" TYPE="ext4"
/dev/md1p1: UUID="f3f01fc5-3e99-41f4-997b-626f649fd4ae" TYPE="swap"
/dev/md1p2: UUID="dc19a9b8-eb34-426c-901e-7864d342281d" TYPE="ext4"
/dev/md1: PTUUID="c47f5690" PTTYPE="dos"

Does that say anything to you? All it says to me is, "See the first line."

Glen from your first post "/dev/sdd () is Unavailable" normally when I get a message like that it indicates a fstab problem the drive/partition or directory is not there, so it could be a simple edit problem.
Jimmy Johnson

Debian Stretch - Plasma 5.8.6 - EXT4 at sda11
Registered Linux User #380263

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