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Re: SATA hotplug + mdadm raid

Sam Smith wrote:

> But I still need to swap the first drive (sda) and I don't really want
> to have to reboot this time. So what can I do to ensure that once I pull
> the old drive and put in the new one that it comes back up as "sda"? Or
> does that even matter? (seems like it would..)

As Andy Smith wrote mdadm is using the metadata particularly UUID

blkid /dev/md4
/dev/md4: UUID="b426722d-ec49-4c6b-a638-5941f24debfd" TYPE="swap"

Watch out that you update your mdadm.conf file 

man mdadm.conf

and don't forget to update initrd after changing if you boot from raid,
because it is using the conf file to assemble the disks at boot time.


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